Our Landmark

Dr. Jacky since childhood has always been concerned about the wellbeing of young people. Upon graduation from med school, she immediately returned to her region of origin to render healthcare services to the people living there. As a result of the ongoing humanitarian crisis that has led to the shutting down of so many schools within the region, Dr. Jacky quickly noticed that the health of the young people was being affected a tremendous way. After consulting a plethora of teenagers presenting with; unwanted pregnancies, complications from unsafe abortions, drugs/alcohol addiction, new HIV infections, she quickly saw the need of reaching out to the young people beyond the environs of the hospital milieu in an attempt to solve this dilemma.

In 2017, she started mobilizing her colleagues and they were able to engage hundreds of young people within the hospital, churches, streets, the radio and through her social media handles. As a result their impact in line with sexual and reproductive health rights advocacy for teenagers, she was one of the winners of the Gates Institute Video Contest Award to attend the International Conference on Family Planning as a youth delegate from Cameroon in Kigali-Rwanda in 2018.

After this unique exposure, Dr. Jacky and her collaborators saw the need of taking the advocacy for adolescent healthcare improvement to another dimension so as to have more meaningful community impact. This led to the founding of the Youth 2 Youth Initiative in late 2018. The organization was officially authorized to function as a youth-led organization within the country in March 2019.

Over our social media handles, on the 4th of February 2019, Y2Y commemorated the World Cervical Cancer Day. 400+ young girls were educated on what cervical cancer is and how to prevent this nightmare. The first ever official public event of Y2Y was on the 11 of February 2019 during the commemoration of the National Youth Day in Cameroon. During this event, Y2Y with the help of their youth friendly Family Planning (FP) flyer, engaged 1000+ adolescents at the Boulevard du Vingt Mai in Yaoundé.

Early in March 2019, Y2Y commemorated the She Decides Day on the 2nd of March with an outreach to a secondary school in Bamenda. 400+ young people received comprehensive sexual education and the She Decides Manifesto was publicly read by all students present for the event. On March 10, still in commemoration of the She Decides Day and the Women’s Week event, Y2Y had a 1 hour 30 minutes talk on CRTV Bamenda radio on Youth and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. The She Decides Manifesto was also read. This recording was aired to over 1.5Million people over the entire North West region of Cameroon.

On the 13th of April 2019, Youth2Youth was at CRTV Bamenda on the Doctor on Call Program. Our 1hour talk was on: The Prevention of Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) among young people in Cameroon. Despite the overwhelming burden of communicable Diseases (diseases that can be transmitted from one person to the other like HIV and Malaria) in Africa, the burden of NCDs has swiftly gained the first place as it accounts for over 37% of mortality in Africa (WHO, 2017). This Double burden of disease that is highly preventable is costing Africa more than 2.4 trillions of international dollars yearly. Sadly enough, research has shown that young people are affected in Africa more than anywhere else by NCDs. Progressive westernization and globalization accounts greatly for this. Our young people are highly sedentary and are adopting unhealthy eating habits with excessive consumption of sugar and salt. We educated the public on the role of routine physical activity and healthy eating habits as a means to fight the snare of the disturbing steady rise in infant obesity.

At Youth 2 Youth, we are committed to empowering young people on how they can live free from this overwhelming disease set.

On the 27th of April, Y2Y challenged the status quo and launched the first ever Adolescent Youth Friendly Corner within the region with partnership from PMI Nkwen, ACMS and the Regional Delegation of Public Health, NWR. This event brought together over 100 different key people; community health workers, the youth, religious leaders and some SRHR stakeholders in the region. The event was aired over the three main TV channels; Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), Canal 2 International and Equinox Television..

Our strategies

We are a youth led organization with the sole objective of improving adolescent healthcare in Cameroon. TO better impact our environment we have set strategies that permit us to better implement our thematic focus.

  • Community Information

    We are involved in community information dissemination via national/local radios, TV channels.

  • School Outreaches

    We have school outreaches that educate the youth on their health related issues.

  • Social Media Communication

    We use social media and technology to inform the youth on their health rights.

  • OutDoor Events

    We organize outdoor events that target the youth and talk with them on one on one basis.

Answer & Questions

Youth2Youth will be pleased to have you as part of our team. To become a volunteer simply contact us through our indicated address.

We are building a national network that will recruit regional volunteers and directors. To join will be free of charge.

With a team of over 15 volunteers, we reached out to 1000+ youth at the Boulevard du 20 Mai in Yaoundé on the occasion of the national Youth day (pictures present on our Facebook page), with flyers containing youth friendly information on Family Planning

We are a youth led organization with the sole objective of improving adolescent healthcare in Cameroon.

Sexual reproductive health rights advocacy, Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs,Fight against non-communicable diseases like obesity, hypertension, cancers and diabetes. Elimination of cultural practices that infringe the health rights of young people like Female Genital Mutilation.Research on adolescent healthcare