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We are a youth led organization with the sole objective of improving adolescent health care through SRHR advocacy , HIV/AIDS prevention, and more. Our objective is to secure and promote good health among youths. We do our optimum best to take care of youths and orientate them on best health practices. We organize outdoor events that target the youth and talk with them on one on one basis.

  • We organize outdoor events that target the youth and talk with them on one on one basis.
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The United Nations convention on Economic, Social and Cultural rights

stipulates that the right to health is a fundamental one for everybody.

Adolescents have the same rights to good health and wellbeing. United Nations Population Fund –UNFPA estimates that less than 15% young people have had access to comprehensive sexual education in Cameroon. The most needed asset for development is good health and wellbeing.

Sexual reproductive health are a major clause on the rights 3rd SDG.

Owing to the fact that adolescents (10-19 years) make up over 60% of the Cameroonian population, also the nation’s development agenda by 2035 makes investing in the wellbeing of the adolescents a dire need. The upsurge in teenage pregnancy not only guarantees continuity in the cycle of poverty, school dropout, hunger, and stunted economic growth, but also explains why the number one infectious reason for mortality among young people in sub-Saharan Africa is HIV/AIDS.


Adolescents also have not been spared the snare of non-communicable diseases. For decades now, adolescent health care in general has received very little attention from both international and national public health strategies. This is the reason why Youth2Youth is here.


Our Thematic Focuses

As an organization, we have the following as Thematic Focus

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Advocacy

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are inextricably linked to larger development goals like reducing poverty, achieving better health and ensuring equal rights for women and girls.

Elimination of cultural practices

We are equally engaged in the fight for the eradication of cultural practices that infringe adolescents rights to sound information concerning their health. E.g Female Genital Mutilation

Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs

As a youth led organization, we are actively engaged in educating communities on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs. We organize sensitization campaigns, workshops to create public awareness.

Research on adolescent health care

Youth 2 Youth is constantly on the search for new ways to improve adolescent health care. We work with medical organizations, institutions and governments to find long lasting solutions to issues surrounding adolescent health care.

Fight Reduction of Non-communicable Diseases

Youth 2 Youth is also on the active forefront, contributing to the reduction in non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancers.