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Hey friends, Y2Y was present and played an active role during the MERCK Foundation 2019 Luminary in Accra from the 29-30th October. This Luminary was attended by the President of Ghana, co-chaired by the First Lady of Ghana, with over 10 First Ladies, more than 15 Ministers and over 1000 scientists. Remember as an organization, one of our thematic focuses is to fight against non-communicable diseases among adolescents in Cameroon. Our Founder and CEO (Dr. Jackie) is a MERCK Foundation Cardiovascular Alumnus, and also the Alumni Lead for French-Speaking Africa. She was a member of the scientific Committee and also a speaker at this conference. Together with world-class scientists from across the globe, she contributed and learned new ways of Cardiovascular disease prevention! As an organization, we are proud of this stride and we are more determined to continue the fight against Cardiovascular diseases in Cameroon.

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